Corn Maze

2017 Corn Maze – Maze Optimus Prime!


Explore A Fun Corn Maze in Wisconsin

20th Annual Basse’s Corn Maze

September 23rd – October 31st 2017

Experience the wonder and fun of Basse’s annual corn maze. Basse’s had created one of the first corn mazes in Wisconsin, making corn mazes since 1998. The Basse’s have been creating fun and challenging corn mazes for the whole family to explore. Make plans to experience the wonder and fun of Basse’s annual Corn Maze!

New and Improved!

New and challenging corn mazes with interactive games.

Large Maze “Basse’s Trivia” Game

  • Fun trivia on “Maze Optimus Prime – Transformers” for 2017
  • 35-45 minutes to complete

Small Maze “Who Dun It” (Maze is also used for school tours)

  • CSI farm mystery game is fun for all ages
  • 15-20 minutes to complete

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262-628-3866 (Hotline begins September 5th and ends on October 31st)

Corn Maze Hours:

Open Daily (Weather Permitting) Monday – Friday (1:30pm – 4:30pm) Saturday and Sunday (10:00am – 4:30pm) Call ahead or check the “Latest News” (See home page) to verify maze conditions.

Come Prepared!

Rainy conditions can make the corn maze muddy. Proceed at your own risk. Always be prepared and bring appropriate apparel for muddy or rainy conditions! Please call our Pumpkin Fest hotline (262-628-3866) to make sure we haven’t closed down due to excessive muddy conditions.

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